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Posted by KatieSoo

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Sarees and lehengas.

These two words were the reasons for most of my nightmares in the last two weeks. Though I find the traditional Indian wear beautiful, I never in a million years imagined myself desperately scouring the streets of Artesia for one. Getting an invite to a Indian wedding can easily change that.

Sarees and Lehengas typically take about 10-14 days to make – I had 2 days to find and make the perfect one.

This was going to be fun.

After days of failed attempts to locate one in Los Angeles, we turned to the only other viable option – the stretch of Indian town on Devon Ave, Chicago.

Since the wedding was held in Chi-town, it wasn’t completely out of the way to head there. With the clock ticking, I only had about a day left to pick one out, tailor the blouse, and do a fitting.

Luckily, my brown friend was able to locate a beautiful piece in one of the shops on Devon. The raw silk was a beautiful deep blue turquoise, embroidered with beads and intricate pattern work, all done by hand.

I try it on, and it fits like a sleeve. What I couldn’t believe was how heavy this thing was! The skirt alone weighed 15 pounds from the beading and fabric.

The wedding was so much fun! Aside from crying my heart out during Ami’s speech, I got a chance to peer into a beautiful ceremony celebrating love, life, and culture.

Favorite part of the wedding – it didn’t matter if you were 4 or 94 – you party like the 80s and tear up that dance floor !!


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