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Posted by KatieSoo

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This just made me squeal with excitement!

Check out this ridiculously awesome article Edmond Moy wrote for!

Katie recently answered a few questions for

Tell us about your role in Liquor Store Cactus.

Sarah Kim is a vulnerable straight A student, trying to find her place in the world. Being very traditional Asian American, her life changes when she meets Kohl Perry, a high school slacker with a life that is leading towards nothing. Coming from a strict Korean background, Sarah struggles with family values, interracial dating, falling in love for the first time, and the bittersweet fate that changes both of their lives.

What appealed to you most about playing the role of Sarah Kim?

When I first got the script, I was very attracted to Sarah’s progression from a naive teenager to a woman. I believed in her. The struggles she faced were things that were very familiar to me growing up. The process in which she learns that not all stories have a happy ending serves as a foundation to her character transformation. It speaks to the many Asian Americans struggling to balance our roots and culture,  all while trying to adapt and assimilate into American society. I wanted to walk in her shoes and help her fight to be understood.

How did you prepare for this role?

When I read for Sarah, I immediately took a liking to her. I was inspired by my own high school experiences and childhood. Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian community, I was sometimes faced with the constant challenge of trying to fit in. In search of my own identity, I made mistakes, was broken down and pieced back together again. Those moments of vulnerability acted as catalysts to find Sarah. She is very much a part of me, and many facets of her are true to my own experiences.  I just tried to let her live and breathe through me as much as I could.

What insights would you like to see audiences’ come away with after watching Liquor Store Cactus?

To understand the cultural differences and stereotypes that she and Kohl both face. It isn’t just about Asian Americans, this is a coming of age story about two teenagers trying to find a place for themselves in two separate worlds. The struggle of knowing that, and the fight to stay together is something we hope the audience can see. Most of all though, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the film!!  I really hope it brings people back to the time they found their first puppy love.

You’re also in the ensemble Sedona’s Rule.  Tell us about your role in that film.

I play Jennifer, an offbeat and somewhat distraught young woman. Jennifer struggles with dating, and can never seem to find the right guy. Confined by her own insecurities and inability to see her own self worth, she finds herself lost in troubled relationships one after another. Jennifer is Nicholas’ second love interest in the film, and best friend of many years. As she watches Nicholas fall in love with a dishonest woman, Sedona, she realizes her mistakes. This becomes the catalyst for Jennifer discovering her true feelings towards Nicholas. However, it’s all too late and she’s forced to walk away just as he makes a horrific discovery about Sedona.

What’s next for your career?

Right now, I’m working on completing a feature film ‘The Blue of Noon’ where I play the lead ‘Yu Tsun’, and producing a short. All I want to do is to continue learning and growing as artist –  I love my job and honestly just feel blessed and thankful to be able to work! You can’t have a plan in this business, you just gotta ride it out and love every moment of it! 2011 is going to be a good year, and if it’s not – I’ll make it one!

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  • Hey Katie! Hope you are well! This is Brandon’s “other” Katie Sue. haha. Were you ever given a copy of Liquor Store Cactus? I’ve been begging Eugene for a copy since it came out. Is there any way to buy it or do you have an extra copy I could buy off of you? Am really desperate to see the amazing work you all put into this film! Would appreciate any info you have about getting a copy : )

    All the best,

    • KatieSoo

      Hey Katie Sue!! haha, good to hear from you. :) I actually did have a copy I was using for my reel, but not sure where it went. I’ll have to look for it. Can’t believe Brandon didn’t give you a copy to see it! How are you two? Stay tuned, I may be able to find it!

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