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A Foodie’s Dream – Chicago’s ‘Prasino’


Posted by KatieSoo


No matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan, a full fledged carnivore, or prefer gluten-free, Prasino will definitely have something tasty for you to nibble on. When I came across them in Wicker Park, Chicago – I was sold. I prepared myself as I embarked on a tasty food tour that has me missing them from LA!


We sort of stumbled upon them on my first night in town, and we were thoroughly impressed with the wide variety of creative dishes and choices the chef had created.  Their menu not only supports their motto “eat green, live well”, their sustainable ingredients speak for themselves in their fine dining dishes.


We started with their famous lobster stuffed avocado (we ordered another one after we inhaled the first – no shame) and dove right into our main courses: soy glazed black cod with sides of brown rice and julienned vegetables covered with a ginger carrot sauce.  Ginger can at times be overpowering, but this was the perfect blend of carrot with a kick — tasted fresh and the fish was buttery.


Now, my absolute favorite was their braised beef short ribs with a cauliflower cheddar gratin, greens,  generously drizzled with a truffle mushroom cabernet sauce. Wow.

But wait – how could we forget dessert? Personally, I’m planning to fly back to Chi-town JUST so I can get another dose of the sweets here. If you’re stuffed by the time desserts roll around, at the very least, grab a maple & spice Chomeur! It takes warm maple & spice pudding to a whole different level, esp when drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with pumpkin gelato. Umm…need I say more?!

We loved their food so much, we actually ended up moving our dinner party to Prasino the next day, just so we could dine with them two nights in a row. Crazy? I think not. Did I mention write maple pudding and apple crumble with burnt caramel gelato? Uh huh. Nuff said.

Not only was their owner helpful, but she was an absolute delight to be around! Danae and her brother run the restaurant in a way that can only be explained through experience. They simply care about their patrons and will do everything they can to accommodate your requests – ensuring you have an amazing foodie journey! We even got to meet Chef Riley (he’s cute as a button) and chat.

They’ve certainly made us into regulars, and I have no doubt where I’ll be dining when I’m in Chicago again. ;)

I guess the best way to end this blog is with Prasino’s own words:

“Prasino is a reflection of its founders, the maglaris family. The third-generation restauranteurs are committed to supporting local growers, artisanal food producers, and organic agriculture. Eat green, live well.”

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  • This is truly an amazing blog and it hit prasino straight to the heart. Especially me! We are so grateful we have a marvelous team. I have to thank our Chef, Scott Halverson, that created a menu that inspired me to become a foodie and for attracting you back for more. It’s patrons like you that make this journey worth it in the end! You became an incredible friend and part of the prasino family! Thank you Katie for being real, humble, and beautiful inside and out!!

  • Useful piece of writing, I wait for updates of your stuff.

    • KatieSoo

      Thank you Jason! I really appreciate the support. Stay tuned for more posts! :)

  • Awesome writing style!

    • KatieSoo

      Thank you Arnold! I appreciate your words and support! :)

  • Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

    • KatieSoo

      Thank you Moriah! I appreciate your support. :) Happy Holidays!!

  • Valid points here, would love to find out more about this.

  • Love your blog!

    • KatieSoo

      Thanks Stephine! I appreciate your support! :)

  • Nice article!

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