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A Weekend in the Charming City of Chicago Online gokkasten paypal login Jeux Pour Gagner De L'argent Tf1


Posted by KatieSoo

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I landed in the windy city Thurs night, and yes – it was quite nippy! My friend picked me up and took me on a driving tour of the city. Being the first time I ever set foot in Chicago, I was immediately drawn to the architecture and postcard view of Lake Michigan. The vibrant energy and rhythm that connects the city will inevitably sweep you up and take you for a ride. I stayed at a beautiful place by the river and fell asleep to the sprawling lights of Chicago’s skyline.   My adventure at the Art Institute of Chicago. It houses great pieces by my lovers Monet and Van Gogh, but my favorite Renoir lives at Musée d’Orsay in Paris. Being spoiled by the Louvre and Smithsonian, I perused through the galleries pretty quickly. I did really like Tadao Ando’s gallery which opens up to an array of 16 one-foot-square columns made of the same dark-stained oak as the floor. It’s quiet, peaceful, and reminds me of the Fushimi gates in Japan.   To start off the night, lovely Meems suggested we attend a First Fridays event at Museum of Contemporary Art. It was filled with young professionals, bars and a DJ. Definitely a great place to hit if you’re single and new to the city. Ami also managed to discover these amazing chocolate caramel candies we couldn’t resist….it’s true…the carbs were my highlight from MCA.   It was also at MCA where I was presented with the most interesting line I’ve heard in awhile. A guy walks up to me and says, ‘Hey, aren’t you Asian?’ Hm. Yes, it was time to leave and head over to our next stop, Public House. Setting was fun, more of a fancy sports bar to catch a game, less for a Friday night swaray. After a few white gummi bears, we all decided it was time to head over to Gilt.   It was here that I experienced the most amazing dessert. Gilt makes a fantastic ‘date cake’ that will definitely bring me back to town. This shiteous picture does absolutely no justice to the warm rum soaked sugar crumble delight. Thank you Imran for finally finding something yummy for me. I fell into a very carb induced coma Friday night…Mmm…   When I travel to a new city, I tend to have an insatiable curiosity that motivates me to visit as many local hot spots as I can and eat everything in sight. Saturday was a big day. We started at a Cub’s game which meant I got to see the amazing Wrigley Field. It retains its old town charm and has been home to the Cubs since 1916. It’s also the only remaining Federal League park.  All along the streets, locals were playing catch with their families. It’s really nice to be in a city with such strong team pride.   I ate tater tots at Murphy’s Bleachers waiting for our tix. By the time I got into the game, the Cubs were down 0-3. Surprised? Hardly. I’m a Giant’s fan, come on. :) Needless to say, their ferocious comeback is due to my presence. I mean – someone’s gotta bring the Cub’s some winning luck! ;)   Next stop, the night life starts. I kicked it off with delish cucumber drinks at Y Bar. The place had a great posh vibe, a lot like Vessel in the San Francisco when it first opened. Great music, fashion and energy – there was even a musician playing her violin alongside the DJ, very cool! Then, we were off to Heart Nightclub in a deserted part of town. Meems and I rushed in dancing and the vibe was definitely a little strange. Felt like I ended up in a strange crossover between Moulin Rouge and Chipotle. Despite all this, nothing stops me from having a great time, so we danced till we were exhausted, and again…it was time to head to our next spot.   It’s 2am and Chicago has no intention of letting this girl sleep. Last stops included Hangge Uppe, Elm Street and a couple smaller bars. I haven’t bar hopped so much since my modeling days! Plus, everything stays open later and they serve alcohol till 4am. What a great getaway city. Perfect combination of great food, nightlife and down to earth locals.   If I lived here, I could kiss my precious 3 hours of sleep a night goodbye! Thank you to all of my friends, old and new, for showing me an amazing time in the windy city of Chicago. :) I can’t wait to come back. <3 xox

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