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All You Need is Love…Happy Valentine's Day! Online gokkasten paypal Play Casino Games Online Free For Real Money


Posted by KatieSoo

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Hope all of you caught the Grammy’s last night – Bruno Mars was so much fun to watch, and seeing Bob Dylan with his harmonica further reinforces that music is the universal language of mankind.

Given that, I’d like to share with all of you a great video that my good friend Nick Acosta directed. It’s stars Dawen, a musician with a beautiful voice of soul, singing a cover of ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars. They worked really hard to shoot this creative piece and did it all in one continuous shot!

Directed by Nick Acosta

Produced by George Wang

Starring: Dawen

Check it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, love to you all.

xox – Kt

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  • Katie, were you one of the ipad holders? lol

    • KatieSoo

      I was supposed to be, but couldn’t make the shoot! :( They did a great job though, didn’t they?!?

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