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Barcelona: City of Great Food, Dancing, and HOTNESS


Posted by KatieSoo

Okay guys, let’s first start off by saying that I have now found my favorite city in Europe – Barcelona.

It’s unlike any of the cities I’ve traveled to, and is a perfect blend of culture, rich history, unique Gothic architecture, vibrant night life and umm…extremely sassy and well dressed Spaniards. Yes, the rumor is true. Every person here looks and dresses like they fell off the pages of GQ and Vogue. *Rawr*

Anyhow, did you know that the #1 and #2 best restaurant in the world is located right in Barza?






I had no idea Barcelona was such a hub for culinary arts, as well as world renowned chocolatiers! Though, I suppose that makes sense since cocoa beans were first traded here…automatic double on brownie points in my book!

Needless to say, the city is definitely a foodie’s chow down heaven. I started every morning with fresh chocolate croissants (emphasis on plural), an espresso…and began my food journey through the streets of Las Ramblas. Almost every place we went to, a full bottle of wine was only a few Euro – so different than Paris where a tiny glass of Nestea iced tea was 9 Euro – RIDIC!

Of the places we went to, L’Olive, a Michelin rated spot was among our favorites. Their garlic butter cuttlefish and ink paella was definitely a tasty number. Words just won’t do it justice, here are some pics of my adventures in Spain! :)

Among the many great things in Barcelona, one of the greatest differences to me was their ability to dance and party from midnight till the butt crack of dawn. Wow. Remember how last call is at 1:30am in Cali? Yeah. We’re so lame. Their party doesn’t even start till we Californians go to bed…

All in all, I drank delicious passion fruit concoctions from the W, shopped till my suitcases exploded (thank you Adolfo Dominguez), danced till my heels had to be swapped out for flats, and ate so many carbs I could power a city. It was awesome. I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll be seeing a lot more my beloved city of Barcelona in the future. Can’t wait. ;)


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