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Club Confidential: Countdown to Cannes Party


Posted by KatieSoo

With Cannes film festival just around the corner this month, it’s time for all the artists around town to celebrate and make those somewhat overrated and fancy appearances at events. First stop – the countdown to Cannes party at Club Confidential. ;)

The event was intimate and stylish, and since it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, I was just thankful to be able to get out and see some familiar faces!

It was an open bar, and the calories were actually listed out per drink. Yep, welcome to ____ing Beverly Hills. Pass me a ‘skinny vodka’ drink, please.

The gorgeous DJ Brynn Taylor was spinning, and most of the night was spent mingling with industry folk. They kept bringing around these mini fried cinnamon donuts, and they were so damn addictive! The more I ate, the more I realized it was time to leave and get some TACOS!

Unfortunately for me, the fat kid in my never sleeps and no matter what the circumstance is, no one can get in between me and delicious carbs!

On our way out of the pre-Cannes event, my adorable Lida decided to sneak into a photo of Sonya and I. It was too cute not to share. :)

Okay, now onto the best part…the best tacos in LA! Thanks to my foodie buddy, Angel’s recommendation, we spent the rest of the night at our favorite taco joint on the corner of Olympic and La Brea. Oh yes, I don’t care what event we’re at, nothing beats the delicious goodness of street tacos!

Don’t worry, I’m writing a full post of the damage I’ve done to this taco truck over the last few weeks. Stay tuned! ;)

For all my fashionistas out there:

Dress: Marciano’s
Shoes: Michael Kors
Turquoise Clutch: Holly Surya – handmade from South African fish


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