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Commercial Print Shoot: My Life As a Mannequin


Posted by KatieSoo

Between juggling hectic jobs and life, it’s such a rarity to get a gig that eases into your schedule. I mean — shoot for a half day AND on a weekend? Oh yes, sign me up!

Most of the time was spent in and out of wardrobe, focusing on getting the right shots for the client. The best thing was that the make up artist, Cassie, was someone I worked with on a TV commercial awhile back, and it’s always nice to have a familiar face on set!

Wardrobe is always fun since it’s the true definition of being a mannequin. Here’s a tip — once you are dressed, DO NOT to sit. I’m not kidding. Stylists spend so much time steaming those outfits, it’s a huge irk to see them get wrinkled. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome getting dressed up and draped with fancy baubles.

Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the shots we tested out. If you’re curious, the print ad is for a well known expedited shipping service, so keep your eyes peeled – you just might see me in their stores soon! ;)

Btw, for all my aspiring actors & models out there — I recently had a conversation with a friend, and we both agreed that there are definitely more and more buy-outs and non-union work happening now. More companies are opting to do them since it’s more cost effective, plus they won’t need to pay artist residuals for usage.

Oh, how times are changing! Do you think being SAG or non-union is better?


P.S. JE is amazing. Love DD, John & the team! <3

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