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Domingo Zapata Oscar Art Show: Presented By Mr. C Online gokkast paypal Club Vegas Online Casino Arcade


Posted by KatieSoo

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What better way to kick off the Oscars than with an exclusive art party hosted by the famous artist, Domingo Zapata at Mr. C in Beverly Hills? For over 20 years, the Spanish born artist has built a portfolio showcasing themes of sexuality, opulence and vitality. Though he varies significantly in motif, the themes remain consistent through his work.

Coincidentally enough, Zapata’s most recent show, “Dangerous Things,” was held where I was two weeks ago – at Hotel Delano in Miami. If you’re still not familiar with his name – it’s time to ask the Google Gods.




I mean, the guy just sold a piece of artwork featuring Lindsay Lohan on four Polaroids for $100,000 – wow. FOUR Polaroids! Maybe it’s time to put my collection on the market…

As soon as we arrive at the hotel, they usher us off towards a side door where two ladies are manning ‘the clipboard’. After checking off our names, we strut into an area where Zapata paintings decorate every wall. Luckily for us, DJ Brynn Taylor – who I adore and is an AMAZING music artist – was keeping the vibe alive in the background while guests trickled through to mingle, admire art, and talk shop.



Our host, Domingo Zapata, arrived in style…slowly descending down a glass elevator into the party. What a dramatic entrance!

After braving it on my heels for as long as I could (make up does wonders for scars & bruising!) – my gimpy self had to sit down and call it a night…ankle is still healing, but the temptation of wearing heels was too much! As we were leaving, I heard high pitch squeals, “O-M-G! Jason Segal is in there? Shut up. No, shut up!” All I could think of was, “Run, Muppet-Man, run!” Luckily Mischa B. and LiLo left when they did, these girls were ON a mission.


Btw, I’d like to take a sentence here to thank my lovely and gorgeous galpal for the invite, you know who you are! ;) We had so much fun at the event, and as guests were leaving for festivities and shiteous wonderful food at Chateau Marmont, I found myself at the Mickey D’s drive thru ordering a DOUBLE filet-o-fish burger with fries. Oh, come on! Cut me some slack…even foodies have guilty pleasures!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in following more of Domingo Zapata’s work, his next show entitled, Ten, will be debuting at the Cannes Film Festival. His new showcase will draw from his muses Pamela Anderson and Sophia Vergara…umm, need I say more?!

Btw, those two boys you see up there (Adeh & Brandon) are not just adorable, they’re also incredible dancers who have worked with names such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Plus, they know Harry and tWitch (who I had the pleasure of working with way way back) – double awesome! Need a reminder? Check it out!


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