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Fashion Snapshot: Forever 21 Can Still Be Stylish


Posted by KatieSoo

Oh yes. It’s true! Forever 21 has really revamped their brand a bit, managing to keep both their clothing quality decent, and pricing low. I picked up a piece by their guest designer, Rory Beca, and her turquoise dress is pretty darn cute! Who would’ve thought Forever 21?!

I accompanied the silk dress with light brown heels from Zara, and a side bun held loosely together with bobby pins.

Interestingly enough, while I was leaving Joan’s on 3rd after brunch, I was pulled aside by someone at Beauty Bender and interviewed for my make up. So, in honor of that — I decided to list it out for you. Just in case you were curious! ;)

I used Perricone’s No-Foundation Foundation, Lancome eye shadow, Tigi eyeliner and Dior Addict lip color.

That’s my fashion snapshot for today. Stay tuned for the next one! ;)


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