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Fashion Snapshot: High-Low Dresses for Summer


Posted by KatieSoo

When I first saw this hi-low trend, the first thing that came to mind was how strange this would look to my grandmother. Coming from an era where there was barely enough fabric to make clothing, we now have so much of it, we add an extra long strip to every shirt, dress, tank top and jacket. Jackets? C’mon.

For months I was hoping to lay low and ride out the shiteous trend storm, but sadly — I too, have now succumbed to it….

…and as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t mind it. Fashion really isn’t my thing, much less fashion blogging, but had to make an exception for this dress since it really ended up being a fave.

The fabric is soft and light, so regardless of how heavy the dress may look, it didn’t retain heat. Another reason it didn’t retain heat — which I later found out — was that it’s practically see through. Actually, I take that back. It is see-through.

Oh, yes. The power of bonafide black panties, complete with a no-shame black bra underneath a completely sheer dress in the sunlight. The only thing that was missing from the Grove was a cup of sand, and in which case I would’ve sprinkled some on the ground and made my own beach.

Lesson? It’s all about commitment, girls. Sh*t happens all the time. Don’t waste time dwelling on that fact that it did — if you can fix it, great. If you can’t, rock it like it ain’t nobody’s business.

I did. No shame. That was a day the world was blessed by a glimpse of what we call Victoria-Secrets-goodness. Try it some time.

The plus side of this hi-low thing is if the trend ever goes out of style…just snip off the ‘train’ and make a quilt. Then take that quilt and gift it to a really good friend. Great idea, right? Nah. Probably not gonna work. But hey — you get the idea.

For my fashionistas out there:

Shoes: Charles David wedges
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Dress: Melrose boutique
Belt: Forever 21


P.S. For those who read the 1st version of this blog — I apologize. I was possessed by a girly-girl experiencing a high-volume of brain farts due to lack of sleep & intense work schedules. Won’t happen again.

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