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Fashion Snapshot: Who Loves Red Pants? Online gokkasten paypal Machine A Sous Gratuite Pour Jouer


Posted by KatieSoo

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I do! ;) I’m sure most of you have noticed the colorful-pants-thing making an appearance everywhere you go…so naturally, I picked up a pair of red pants from Foreign Exchange Clothing for moi!

I’m always hesitant about colorful things like this, mainly since the 80s fashion period is a time of our lives I think most of us should forget – i.e. fanny packs and shoulder pads, need I say more?! But surprisingly, these pants were not only comfy, sleek and stylish – they were a perfect fit. I wore them with everything!

If you don’t have a pair of these skinny crayon pants right now, it’s time to pick one up asap! I’m not big into fashion at all, but there are two things that I always look for when buying clothing: comfort and style. It needs to be made with quality fabric and last longer than a season. Otherwise, it’s just not a good investment for a girl! Here’s the breakdown of what I wore in the pics:

Red pants: Foreign Exchange Clothing
White Blouse: Independent designer, purchased on Melrose Ave.
Black lace hi low tank top: Melrose boutique purchase
Lavender Sweater: Forever 21
Brown Heels: Zara

Oh, and never forget to accessorize. There’s nothing worse than wearing a super cute outfit and forgetting to throw on the accent pieces. I paired my black lace hi-low top with a one of a kind fleurs-de-lis I picked up from an estate sale, a gun metal ring, colorful beads and a grey handmade leather band with gold metal detailing.

Sadly, I have been obsessed with these red pants this week so I couldn’t resist and had to post about them. Stay tuned for the next post…which I promise will be about food or film! ;)


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