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Film Life: On Set For KevJumba Webseries


Posted by KatieSoo

Over the weekend, I shot with KevJumba for his webseries on YouTube.  It just so happened that my mom was in town visiting, so I brought her on set with me to hang out and get a feel for what really happens behind the scenes.


For those of you who haven’t heard of KevJumba, he’s kinda of a big deal on YouTube.  Let’s just say that he’s the seventh most subscribed comedian on YouTube and tenth most subscribed user overall with close to 3 million subscribers.  Imagine how many people generate content from YouTube on a daily basis, and then think about the fact that he’s the 10th most subscribed — I’d call that influential in the social space.  And coming from me, that’s a pretty big statement.


In this particular scene, I play the lead ‘hot girl’ who is boisterous and outspoken — the rowdy one of the group.  Sound familiar?  Maybe just a little bit.  Either way, I had fun playing around with the character.

Most of the dialogue and scene was improv, which honestly made the whole experience much more fun and rewarding to be a part of.  Comedy is best when the unexpected happens.  So hopefully you’ll catch some of that when the final video goes live.


Overall, it was an awesome set.  These guys were hilarious to work with and be around, and PapaJumba is just too cool for school.  It’s almost impossible not to be charmed by his goofy smile and quirky personality.


The best part?  They actually put my mom in one of the scenes as well, so if that doesn’t end upon the cutting room floor — you just might be able to spot my mom waving her arms behind me, double fisting two drinks and dancing in the background.  Oh yeah.  That happened.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how excited I am to see that clip.


As for PapaJumba?  He’s actually KevJumba’s real dad, and he flew all the way out from Houston to shoot this with his son.  Plus, the cat has over 50,000 fans on Facebook.  I mean — pops is legit.  That’s a lot more than most artists/brands out there who spend hundreds and thousands on marketing and advertising.  His last video got over 2 million views on YouTube, just check it out:

If you’re already a fan of of these guys, or just want to see me make an ass out of myself in something fun — stay tuned to KevJumba’s channel and keep an eye out for the new video ‘My Dad is Asian’.  ;)


P.S.  Check out the plastic bags PapaJumba is carrying.  Priceless.





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