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Foodie Adventures: Dim Sum at Sea Harbor Seafood! Online Gokkasten Paypal Login


Posted by KatieSoo

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Have to admit — I love dim sum. Preferably the kind where my people are pushing around carts and screaming out words that sound like Hong Kong having sex with a swearing truck driver.

Oh yes, that’s love in a steamed bun basket.

Welcome to my recent discovery of ‘Sea Harbor Seafood’ in San Gabriel. No carts, but the food was undeniably tasty. My girlfriend was going back to Paris and chose this spot as her last dim sum meal in the U.S. — that could only mean one thing. AWESOME.

The dishes are definitely a throwback to some of the most unique plates I’ve had in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and among them, the beef stew over noodles are on the top of my list! Here are some highlights:

1) Beef stew over steam noodles, served in a claypot — perfectly braised beef brisket simmered in a clay pot until all the juices get soaked up by the noodles sitting on the bottom of the bowl.

2) Sticky mochi with a salty egg yolk filling — the salty egg yolk thing is delicious in the traditional steamed bun, but the mochi exterior really kicks it up a notch. The textures are chewy, slightly sweet, with a buttery cream egg center that runs right out when you bite into it. Holy mother of ____!

3) Shrimp dumplings encased in a soft noodle wrap, with a scallop and tabiko delicately laid on top. This one looked better than the way it tasted, but still worth trying…seemed like the scallop was steamed too long and was strangely chewy.

4) Shrimp noodle wraps, drizzled in a hot and sweet soy sauce. Easily one of my staples at any dim sum place. If the dim sum place can’t get this basic dish right, don’t pay and straight walk of out of the joint. Not even worth investing any additional tummy time.

5) Pan seared radish cakes, smothered in XO sauce and paired with bean sprouts…served on a fried ‘nest’. The exterior is spicy, saucy and crunchy – while the middle is perfectly soft and you can taste all the different ingredients inside: radish, pork, dried shrimp

6) Perfectly braised tofu. :) Oh, yes. When tofu is done right – and by right I mean taking the silkiest grade of tofu and frying it — the result is the most savory combination of crispy exteriors with a silky smooth inside.

7) Fried durian pastries kicked off our dessert tour. Many of you who are familiar with ‘durian’ are probably throwing up in your mouth, but sadly, I actually LOVE the taste of it. And no, it doesn’t smell like a day old sock, or cat shit. It’s delicious, so stop hating and try one of the fruit pieces fried. It’s outta this world! Tastes just like a fresh out of the oven cream puff!

8 ) Now for dessert — almond pudding! I gotta be honest, when my fellow foodie, Angel, first recommended this, I was skeptical to how amazing it really was. Well, hats off to the tiny bowl of tapioca wonder! Almond pudding is typically firmer in texture and has a ‘crisp’ taste to it (you Asian folk know what I mean by this.) With this bowl, however, the almond pudding was soft, creamy and melted in your mouth like ice cream. I couldn’t stop eating it!

After we were about done, I went in for the last egg yolk mochi and for a second — a very slight second — I felt guilty for nibbling on that last one. Well, okay. Maybe not. ;)

I do really miss the great dim sum places back home, but this place will have to do for now. If only the wait wasn’t as long, I’d be a little more open to wholeheartedly recommending it, but the truth is the wait is a b_____. Definitely go early, and don’t go hungry. After an hour of waiting, I was ready to tear down the wall separating me and the tables.

Know any great places I should go try out? Email me or post ‘em here and I’ll take you up on the foodie challenge!


P.S. Thanks Vilay for introducing me to Sea Harbor Seafood! Hope you have an amazing adventure in Paris!!

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