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Foodie Adventures: El Chato — Taco Truck Heaven Online gokkasten paypal login Jeux Pour Gagner De L'argent Tf1


Posted by KatieSoo

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Having spent most of my childhood in this fancy interesting place called Oakland, I’m no stranger to the ‘taco truck’. As a matter of fact, before this whole food truck thing took off in LA, I spent most of my days eating dirty tacos and quesadillas straight from the ghetto. Yep, no shame.

It wasn’t until the taco truck my family and I frequented got shot up – brain splatter and all – I was forced to stop making trips into that part of town. After moving to LA as a single female, exploring taco joints at night just didn’t sound too hot, so when the discovery of El Chato on the corner of La Brea and Olympic came along, it restored my faith in gourmet dirty tacos.

Their tacos are stupid good and are only $1 each. You can choose from pastor, lengua, asada, cabeza, bucha, pollo — and the meat is seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of kick. It’s served hot on a plate with salsa verde and sliced cucumbers and radishes, and a bowl of grilled onions and jalapenos.

Every time I go, I don’t order anything less than 5 tacos, and sometimes I find myself stuffing my face with 7-9. Oh, yes. I do not shy away from eating.

Doesn’t matter how fancy the event, how terrible of a day I’ve had — there isn’t anything these babies can’t fix. You can get these to go, or you can pop a squat like all the other people and eat on the back of a truck or standing around the parking lot. It’s best to eat when hot, fresh, and toasty. Mmm…

I’m sure Angel (who originally recommended me to the place) is so tired of eating these tacos with me! But hey, who doesn’t love to drive and pick up comfort food, not have to cook and head home with a happy tummy? I sure do.

Maybe I’ll run into you here one of these days. ;)




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