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From ER Trauma to the Streets of South Beach, Miami Online gokkast paypal


Posted by KatieSoo

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Have you ever had a week where all you can say is, ‘wow….FML’ at everything? Well, I sure did. But hey, once you go through what I’ve been through and seen, you’ll realize that most things happen for a reason…staying positive and optimistic is KEY. Oh, and to spare you the gruesome details, I only used happy pics of recovery from Miami, you’ll thank me later – trust me.



On Thursday morning, after eating an amazing breakfast, I walked out of the house to go to work. For whatever reason (most of which I can’t remember) I took a wrong step and plunged down a flight of cobblestone steps. Now, you must be thinking – how many steps were there, was it really that bad? Umm…yes my friends. We’re talking about a long, winding flight of Hollywood Hills stairs AND I hit my head on the way down.


My leg was tangled under me funny, and I more or less skidded down the steps on it. Needless to say, I tore it up like a _______.

Once at the bottom, I had the wind knocked out of me and couldn’t seem to catch my breath. Everything started to look hazy and blown out. Brownie had raced down after me and tried to untangle my bleeding leg.

Next thing I knew I was trying desperately to open my eyes. I could hear someone talking to me, but none of the words made sense. No matter how hard I tried to focus, I couldn’t see anything and my face and body were completely numb. By the time I came to, paramedics told me I was hyperventilating.


They kept asking me all these questions about what happened, and I can honestly say I don’t remember. No clue. Zip. My neighbors stared at me with concerned faces and brownie kept saying I blacked out twice, and the second time I went unconscious I didn’t respond for 5 mins or so. As people were frantically putting me in the ambulance, I was so disoriented I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It all happened so fast!


Before I knew it, I was having my vitals checked and wheeled into the ER. They had a room waiting for me and as I was hoisted onto the bed, I caught a glimpse of my leg…which only made me panic more. And if I could interject one comment here – there is NO PAIN like the kind where they dig in your open flesh/wounds to clean it! Holy mother of cows, Jude Law could’ve appeared and offered me a scoop of ice cream and I still would’ve clocked him.

After 5-6 hours of back and forth x-rays and scans, I came back clean on head trauma…and begged to be discharged. I had a red eye flight to Miami to catch and a nasty sprain I was going to tote around.



In case you were wondering how the gash looked like, I basically tore off the top of my large ankle muscle where the sprain was forming, so blood clot was of definite concern. The irony? My ER doctor was originally from Miami and insisted that I take the trip. So here I am, sitting in an ocean view suite right smack in the middle of south beach. The weather is warm, the sand is white, and my reasoning for coming out here is simple.


If I were going to recover and limp around all weekend in LA, I’d much rather do it in Miami. Wouldn’t you?! Flight was a bit painful, but thank goodness a town car picked us up from the airport…saved my leg from the pain of squished seats and cramped cabs. Since landing in Miami, I’ve been in a hibernation mode…only waking up to eat and to get a small dose of vitamin D. Surprisingly, the food in South Beach isn’t half bad.


Tonight, we went to the Delano Hotel for dinner and the food was amazing! More in my next post on their newly revamped restaurant, Bianca. Just wanted to post up a picture and show you guys that I’m taking your advice and turning the boot into a fashion statement. ;)

Btw, since I don’t remember much of what happened, I was told after the ER trauma that I – after plunging down and hitting my head – had somehow managed to rip off my necklaces and dress, trying to catch my breath. Needless to say, by the time I was found 1 minute after the fall, I was sprawled out by the sidewalk in my undies. Wow. Yep. That ACTUALLY happened. I’m pretty sure I made an impression on the neighbors.

Though many would be wondering why I could take this week so easy, I simply say – life is just too short. I can either take it with a good sense of humor, or let the things I cannot change affect me. I don’t do pity parties…and that is why I know I will find success in whatever my next adventure holds. And for all of those who doubt me – WATCH me.


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  • Hell of an adventure for you doll…

    I see even with a crisis your a determined lady LoL. Cute dress by the way… :o )

    • KatieSoo

      I know Tanika! It’s been such a crazy ride since I moved out here…but this one definitely takes the cake, at least I’m healing quickly. :) How are you btw?!

      Oh, and the dress I got from Arden B. – originally $60, but I picked it up for $10 on sale! Total steal! Go check it out if you’re by one, I’m pretty sure the sale is still going on. ;)


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