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Girl Talk @ Hollywood Palladium Monday Night!


Posted by KatieSoo

What an awesome show!

I had so much fun! Girl Talk definitely knows how to get the crowd going, and everyone was in a dancing frenzy! :) It’s hard to not want to jump and shout at his show.

After a long while of intense cardio dancing, I finally decided it was time to get water. As I went to squeeze through the crowds, he started to play a mash up of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. So…knowing my love for the Beatles, I quickly decided that it was absolutely imperative that I continue dancing dehydrated, and ran back for the rest of the encore!

Forgive video quality, I was too excited to really focus on sound. ;)

Inside the Champagne Room @ Palladium

P.S. Thank you for the tix TJ, wish you could’ve made it – you are the bestest!! xox


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  • I was looking for this kind of review for about 1 hour.. i’m glad i found it. Great piece of work, continue it. Best Regards.

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