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Halloween Party @ Hollywood Cemetery Hosted by Maroon 5!


Posted by KatieSoo

The title of my post says it all. Maroon 5 and Bacardi got together to throw an amazing Halloween bash at the Hollywood Cemetery last night – it was simply oozing with awesomeness.

Granted, I’ll admit…I wasn’t too fond of the idea of dancing next to tombstones all night, but it turned out to be, by far, one of the better events I’ve attended in LA. Not only was the venue well decorated with a carnival splash (umm…aside from the actual dead people inside), the whole event was very cozy and fun!

The nice thing about the whole party was that the guest list was uber private which helped keep the event smaller, and crowd cooler. I mean, Chris Evans was dancing and chillin’ out in all his bling…need I say more?! He wasn’t the only attraction there –  clearly I’m biased since I think he’s a studmuffin – but the place was crawling with great creative people just out to have a good time. Definitely my kind of crowd.

After waltzing in, I immediately went straight for their fried mini donuts cart, and stood next to the gorgeous Leona Lewis without even realizing it. That goes to show how carbs always take precedent over logic and admiration in any situation. :)

We were standing around waiting for fries (yes, fries – don’t judge me!) next to Breckin Meyer dressed up as Batman…or a ninja, I’m still not entirely too sure…and he looks over and chats up my friend because he couldn’t seem to figure out what he was. I don’t blame him, it wasn’t an easy one to guess. What do YOU think he’s dressed up as? ;)

Aside from the place being decorated like a circus, complete with tents, vending carts and two fully stocked bars sponsored by Bacardi, it even had a cute little photo booth by the…err…. cremated folks in the first room. Yep.  Is it wrong I think that’s just plain weird?!

Anyhow, I was easily swayed from feeling strange partying in a cemetery when my eyes caught sight of the delicious In & Out truck basking in all its glory on my left hand side. Yum.

By the time we hit the dance floor, I was happily stuffed with deliciousness and the party was just getting started. We decided to stop for a quick break at the churro stand, and that’s when I saw him - Shaun White, all decked out in an elegant dress paired with long white gloves. Yep, you guessed it. His costume was Julia Roberts from ‘Pretty Woman‘.

Wow. Pictures just had to be taken!

Shortly after dancing, drinking cold glasses of lemonade, and eating way more than what would be deemed healthy for our tummies at 1am, we took one last stroll around the party. The intimate setting made the event hard to leave. No one was being pretentious or weird, and people were just out having a good time on a laid back Monday night. I even bumped into Clark Duke as a cowboy!

At long last, we had to part with the Halloween circus and head home since it was a school night. We trickled out saying our goodbyes, and grabbed some popcorn to nibble on while waiting for the valet.

After a hot minute, I realized I was standing in flapper gear by some random dude’s tombstone eating popcorn. Weird? Very. Did it stop me from eating the popcorn? Nah.

I have yet to attend an annual movie night at Hollywood cemetery, but I’m definitely much more open to the idea now than I was before…

In the past, I would always shy away from those events because, well, it’s a freakin’ cemetery! It’s where the ones that have passed are laid to rest. I mean, I would be pretty peeved if some guy dressed in a Borat bikini stood above my grave dancing. But hey – to each their own.

All in all, we all had a great time – it was definitely the perfect way to celebrate Halloween this year.

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P.S. For more pictures from the Maroon 5 Party last night, check out JustJared. You’ll catch all the celebs there from Miley Cyrus, Mandy Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, our host Adam Levine, and more.


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  • Katie!

    I love your blogs.
    Question…how exactly do you get IN to the Maroon 5 annual halloween bashes? Did you get a personal invite or somehow get handed tickets? :)

    • KatieSoo

      Hi Myriah! Thank you for checking out my blogs. :) The party was a closed event. We were invited and there were no actual tickets. We had to check in with security at the gate to make sure we were on the list. Hope this helps! :)

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