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How to Win a Girl in 3:44 Minutes! Online Gokkasten Paypal Login


Posted by KatieSoo

online gokkasten paypal

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Social media is a subject I live and breathe for work when I’m not pretending to be other people. With stickiness being the primary goal of most social components, how do we make programs ‘go viral’ and how do we measure ROI once that’s said and done?

Despite the subject baffling so many, this Danish PHD student hits the nail on the head with this ‘viral’ piece he posted on YouTube. It was a part of a class project, and since posting on March 14, 2011 – he now has close to 1,700,000 views. Holy butt!

For those who are familiar with Chatroulette, it’s a social tool that allows you to essentially ‘parachute’ into a random person’s life. Once you’re logged on, you can connect via webcam with anyone that’s signed on in the world. Be warned though, Chatroulette is also known as speed-dating to tens of thousands of perfect strangers — some clothed, some not. And believe me, it ain’t always pretty.

If you haven’t seen the video I’m referring to yet – click on the video below and watch it!

I’m a total cheeseball for liking it, but since I always tend to post scientific and nerdy blogs on FB, I decided it’s time to share a fun one.

On a personal level, how can you not say ‘yes’ to this kind of proposal! This is how it’s done right.

This is how you win a girl over in 3:44 mins!


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