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I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat!


Posted by KatieSoo

“I’m on a boat,
I’m on a boat.

Everybody look at me ’cause I’m sailing on a boat.

I’m on a boat
I’m on a boat!
Take a good hard look at the motherloving boat”

Okay, you caught me. I’m an SNL junkie. That video with T-Pain and Adam Sandberg has to be one of the greatest skits ever made (along with all the ones he’s done with Justin Timberlake). If you haven’t seen the video, do yourself a favor and click it below.

Despite not having the real T-Pain on our San Diego trip, we brought our very own Tiz-bizzle and it was just as awesome! Sorry T-Pain. We still have mad love for you.

We stayed in the Kona Kai marina, and it was the most jam-packed weekend of festivities I’ve had in awhile.

After 4 hours of shiteous traffic, we practically ran onto the beach and jumped in the ocean. After an hour of beach bumming, we checked into the gorgeous sailboat and headed out for happy hour on the pier.

We laughed till our faces hurt, and as the night got chillier, we bid our loud waiter (he spoke to all of us like we were deaf) a goodbye, and strolled back for a siesta against the sunset.

After a well needed nap, we got up and put our play clothes on. It took us approx 15 mins to strap on our dancing shoes, and we were off in a cab headed to Ivy in the Gaslamp quarter.

After a hard core dance/work out session at Ivy, we met up with my other friends that were in town for Comicon – an event I decided to skip this year.

For those that are familiar with the event, know that Comicon brings in a lot of interesting costumes and characters. I walked past a blue Navi person (Avatar) smoking a cigarette at a bar while talking to a guy eating a burger and realized I clearly was way too sober for this.

We decided to grab a bite at a 24 hour joint down the street, and it was then that the most epic quote of the weekend happened….

I turned to my friend Don and asked, “hey, what do you want to eat?”

He looks at me with a straight face and says, “I just had Dick’s for dinner so I’m full.”

“Wow. Okay then. Um, I’ll have pancakes please.”

*whew* Talk about a fun weekend trip.


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