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REBUS: Opening Reception @ Martha Otero Gallery


Posted by KatieSoo

I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the past month, and was finally able to take a breather when a friend of mine invited me to an art opening featuring the amazing artist, James Jean.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, rather than describing what I saw – here are some examples of his work.  <3

After party at Soho House

It’s hard to believe that I was supposed to be in Japan this week. In a way, I’m thankful for the unfortunate string of heartbreaking events. In essence – because I had to extend my stay in SF, my aunt inadvertently saved my life. I will always miss her. <3

Everything happens for a reason; I just don’t believe in coincidences. Then again, this is coming from a girl that believes in Atlantis and loves all things Sci-fi. Surprised? Hardly. :)

I’ll be back on the nerd blogging in a jiffy.


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  • Terrific knowledge! I have been previously looking for something like this for a time now. Appreciate it!

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