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LA Asian Pacific Film Festival: Shanghai Calling Premiere


Posted by KatieSoo

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 10: 2012 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Opening night gala: ‘Shanghai Calling’ premiere DGA

If you fit two simple criteria: Asian and work in entertainment — then you most likely have heard of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. They’ve been around since 1983, presenting over 3000 films and videos by Asian international and Asian American artists. Aiyah, that’s impressive!

In the past, I was always on the sponsorship side of this event, and even gave the introduction speech to the awards ceremony last year. So the festival definitely holds a special place for me as an actress.

One of the greatest things about LAAPFF is that it allows us to bump into friends and reconnect with fellow colleagues we don’t get to see most of the year.

If you’ve seen the Asian hottie on the GNC billboards around town, then you’ve seen Tim. Familiar much? ;)

Also, look at who I bumped into at the opening night gala! It’s my favorite couple, Kelvin Han Yee and his gorgeous and talented wife, Margarita Pidgeon!

Let’s not forget Kent, the man who introduced me to beautiful places such as the Edison. I mean, he’s definitely got the toughest job, roughing it out on the sandy beaches of Hawaii every day. Oh, how I wish my life was as difficult. ;)

Now, for those who are as immersed in social media as I am, you’ll know the name of my dear friend, Ross Ching, who’s been recently featured in Mashable for his short film ‘Already Gone’ featuring Harry Shum Jr. and Shawn Ashmore. He’s kind of amazing and is known to create visually stunning videos.

And who can forget the charismatic, Marissa? :) She’s a big ball of fun and energy PLUS she’s all around one of the most down to earth managers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Bumping into friends? Awesome. Food? Eh, I was definitely a sad camper. Festival’s selection was a bit of a bust. After being spoiled attending the opening gala of the French Film Festival ColCoa, it was hard to strike any sort of comparison. Boo. :(

Funny thing was the girl serving Cercle Sucre macaroons didn’t even let me take one off the table! I mean, if you want people to try your product and not have your new sweet shop crushed by the macaroon God we call Bottega Louie, hire someone who actually understands the definition of ‘catering’! Just a thought.

At least the cotton candy folk were awesome!

Having a mentor like the great C.Y. Lee (writer of Academy Award nominated ‘Flower Drum Song’) can shed a great deal of light on Asian American’s journey from Hollywoodland until now. I’d like to believe that we’ve more or less found a stage to perform and showcase what goods we Asians got.

Small stage for now, but hey – baby steps. Angel would agree! ;)

Most of all, I have to thank one of my good friends, Pia, for always keeping me in the know and mostly for keeping me sane. Plus, this girl knows how to throw a party. Trust me, I was there at her husband’s birthday. He is one lucky man! :)

That’s all for the opening night gala! Hopefully I’ll have some cute pics for you guys from closing night! :)


P.S. Battleship is playing on Weds. Bet you $10 the movie is shiteous. You in?

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