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Meet Monster: The Undercover Ewok!


Posted by KatieSoo

Today was awesome because I got a little visit from my galpal’s adorable shih tzu puppy, Monster! He’s the fluffiest fuzzball ever, and when he walks around, he just looks like big stuffed animal. Just check him out – he’s adorable, isn’t he?!

The little guy is only 6 months old, puffy, and is a complete cuddle bug. Not only does Monster not bark and use everything in the house as a chew toy…he even knows how to smile and respond to hello and goodbyes. Sickeningly cute. So cute I had to take a video…

Oh, and forgive my high pitch baby talk voice, it’s a little hard not to do it when you look into the eyes of a fluffy ewok. ;)

Have you had an ewok sighting lately?


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