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Merry Birthday to Moi!


Posted by KatieSoo

It’s the lunar new year of the earth dragon, and in general – a very special year for me.

I am so lucky to say that I got to spend it celebrating with close friends, family and GREAT food. :)I started the festivities with a small get together at The Bazaar and let me tell you – if you haven’t visited this place, definitely do so.




Their dining room was specially designed by Philippe Starck, and is tucked away like a hidden gem behind the SLS Hotel chaos. Chef José Andrés creates innovative and unique tasting menus that take you on a journey of traditional and modern flavors (i.e. cotton candy foie gras!) It’s the perfect combination of a science and food!


When I first talked about having a little get together, the homebody in me said, “Hey! Let’s invite some friends over and I’ll make dinner for them!” Luckily, a wise old man said to me, “Katie, it’s your birthday. Let’s do something special.” And voilà – we did. :) I found myself wedged between amazing company and undeniably, some of the most interesting small plates I’ve had in LA.



Since their cuisine is tapas style, you have a choice between ordering a la cart or their tasting menu. There are a few tiers you can choose from, so be sure to ask for pricing prior to ordering.

Among the fabulous things we got to try, some highlights were: Grilled Wagyu flank steak, cotton candy foie gras, an unconventional caprese salad (delish!), philly cheesesteak with the thinly sliced beef sitting atop a gourmet cheese stuffed thin crispy bun, tangy nigiri, ceviche wrapped in slices of avocado, teeny tiny baby oysters, olive oil bonbons, and so much more!


My friends and I were completely spoiled by the interesting courses and drinks that night! The highlight in the beverage category had to go to their famous ‘Liquid Nitrogen Caipirinha’. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? ;) It’s made by whisking a a steady stream of liquid nitrogen into a cachaça, lime juice, and sugar mixture. Holy butt – just take a look at the presentation! Tasted like a delicious lemon icy…except BETTER!


All in all, I had a great time. Near the end of dinner, they brought out a surprise birthday cake (thank you to my brownie) and I was so touched by all the love! Cheesy, I know, but whatever, no shame here. ;) What happened next was one of the most interesting and pivotal moments for me…I guess it is true that sometimes we grow up and don’t even realize it!




For the first time in my life…I completely forgot to make a wish when I blew out the candles. It wasn’t conscious choice or anything – and as a matter or fact – I didn’t even notice I hadn’t made one till I was about a quarter into eating devouring my cake.

Truth is, there is nothing more I could want or wish for than exactly what I had right there and then – great friends, conversation, love, a life of adventure, and of course…amazing food.

2012 is going to be a great year! ;)



P.S. For the fashion peeps out there, my dress is Adolfo Dominguez.

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