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MOUTHFUL: Tyler Shields Gallery Opening Online gokkasten paypal je


Posted by KatieSoo

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One word describes it all – HOT. Oh, yes. Hot with all the photos of Francesca’s gorgeous lips, interesting exhibits, and sauna-hot since Tyler thought it would be fun to turn up the heat in the gallery….literally.

After about a few minutes into walking around, almost everyone was breaking out in sweat and certain corners of the place smelled like a day old sock. Fun.

Also, for those who don’t know the lovely face of Francesca, she’s not only the daughter of legendary Clint Eastwood, her lips are also featured all over Tyler’s gallery.

The cool thing is that I ran into an old friend, Dave Golshan. The last time we saw each other was on a flight with our mini bottle service…and now he’s on ‘Shahs of Sunset‘. Gotta love them sexy Persians!

If you follow Tyler Shield’s work, you’ll see a lot of this talented young actress, Emma Roberts. My favorite shots of her is the one with Emma and the teddy bear sitting side by side with their backs to the camera. You’ll just have to go check out Tyler’s site to see it.

Btw, my favorite dress of the evening belonged to the lovely and beautiful Madeline Zima. Please support her new movie Crazy Eyes — it hits theaters in July. ;)  Also, you can follow her on Twitter at: @madelinezima1

Oh, and how fitting. Right as I’m typing this part, Chelsea Handler is playing in the background. Anyhow, I met Chuy, the her nugget!

I definitely think Tyler kicked it up a notch this time with the sexy lips, pandas and roaming unicorns. Had so much more fun this year, and especially with his interactive exhibits. Meet the mastermind in the digital flesh below.

This room was interesting. All it had was a white bear and a suitcase full of tricks. I’d like to think that no one put that…umm…ball…anywhere else before I dangled it above my own mouth. Yum?

Lastly, I have to post a picture of my favorite person, Harry. Not only have I been fortunate enough to work with the guy, but he’s all around talented and down to earth. Plus, Marissa is awesome so a shout out is a must! ;)

Sadly, after baking in the germ oven, I caught the inevitable bug and am stuck in bed tonight with an ice pack on my head, watching the rest of Shameless episodes I missed.

Oh, and if you’re a Revenge fan — be sure to tune in to the sizzling finale to support these two talented actors. ;)

Okay, I need to sleep off my temperature. Working on producing a project (while maintaining my social strategist life) and it’s got me burning the candle on both ends. Sleep has not been my friend for awhile. Maybe today it will. ;)

For my fashionistas out there:
Dress: Alice and Olivia
Black heels: Lanvin
Clutch: Surya (made from south African fish)
Jewelry: Club Monaco


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