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Mozza: The BEST Pizza and Italian Eats in Town! Online gokkasten paypal je Nieuwe Gokkast Online Kopen


Posted by KatieSoo

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If you ever want to experience Italy without ever having to set foot outside of LA – Mozza is the place to be. Their thin crust pizza throws me right back to sitting in Venice and eating at Muro Pizza & Cucina. With the combined experience of: Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali, and Joe Bastianich, it’s hard not to succeed at creating a badass Pizzeria.

That being said, let’s take a look at their backgrounds, shall we?

For those of you who watch Master Chef (I’m addicted), you’ll recognize the name Joe Bastianich immediately. After ditching his Wallstreet suit and tie, he went back to pursuing his passion in Italian food. He currently has 18 restaurants in NYC & LA, 3 wineries and a number of accolades for his work.

As for Nancy Silverton, she’s the mastermind behind Socal’s famous La Brea Bakery. Having worked for Wolfgang Puck at Spago, she also founded Campanile with Mark Peel. Simply put, Silverton is one of the leading pastry chefs in the world – and that is absolutely no exaggeration.

Last, but not least – Mario Batali. I mean, come on…this is a man that needs NO introduction. From his cookbooks and restaurants, to his philanthropic efforts and delicious vineyards, he’s a well known household name and famous for his work on the Food Network. He and Joe Bastianich partner on a number of these food hot spots in NY and LA.

*whew* Talk about a strong team. I’ve been a fan of Mozza for a few years now, and sadly, this is the first time I’m writing about them. Better late than never, right? ;)


Bone marro al forno – absolutely divine. You get 3 solid pieces of bone marrow along with 3 toppers: buttery garlic cloves, sea salt, cilantro and 2 slices of La Brea Bakery goodness. I usually start by spread a clove of the garlic on the slice (it literally spreads like butter!) and top with the bone marrow, a sprinkle of seat salt and maybe cilantro, depending on my mood. The garlic is so strong, I usually skip the herb, but that’s purely my own taste bud preference. If I were you, I’d try it all.

Pane bianco with oilio nuovo – When you think of table bread, remember this: there is nothing I have tasted thus far that quite compares with the soft, crispy, olive oil soaked pane bianco. The bread is fresh and warm, with top and bottom a golden crisp. The taste is quite simple, but complex. You’ve got the great bread texture and soft interior, combined with the crispy outside and that sprinkle of sea salt…it’s quite addictive.


Squash blossoms, tomato & burrata – The interesting texture of squash blossoms, mixed with a locally made burrata (I heart buffalo mozzarella big much), and the outcome is a light and fulfilling pizza. Admittedly, even though I don’t usually eat the crust on pizzas -I do for this pizza and the Sicilian tomato one.

Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme – this one is far more richer in flavor than the squash blossom. The funghi are sliced thick the strange thinking about mushrooms being juicy) and the cheese is very dense and rich in flavor.

Fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions – Fennel sausage was a light combination of awesome and spices. The scallions and red onion are a perfect touch too, adding a nice kick to the flavor. One thing I appreciate the most on this pizza is that they don’t skim you on toppings. You’ll definitely get the goods in every bite!

Tomato, Sicilian oregano & extra virgin olive oil - for my vegetarian and lactose intolerant friends, consider this a gift. It only has a thick layer of tomato paste and Sicilian oregano…and for whatever reason, works so well with a glass of red wine. For extra goodness, ask your server to add an egg on it. Trust me, it’s kind of amazing and a great option for those who can’t have cheese.


Espresso granita with espresso gelato & chocolate dipped honeycomb – This was the first time I tried this and it’s essentially espresso shaved ice, stacked in layers with espresso gelato…and a side of a dark chocolate dipped honeycomb. Yes, a honeycomb. How cool is that?!

Butterscotch budino, sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies - Okay, let me start by saying that this dessert is just _______ed up. It’s delicious to a fault, and one of my top picks here in LA. Not only is the butterscotch budino creamy and light, but blending the sea salt rosemary cookies is genius. It’s the perfect way to for cut the sweetness of it all. It’s always consistently great and I haven’t had a experience where it wasn’t as tasty as the last time. This is definitely a MUST TRY.

Chocolate sorbetti – It’s hard to believe there isn’t a drop of dairy in this baby. Not only is the texture creamier and richer than most, each spoonful of dark chocolate sorbet is stuffed with chocolate chips. It’s has a nut-like flavor and isn’t too sweet, just puts regular ice cream to shame. Side note – coconut sorbet was good too, but if you can only fit in one kid’s scoop, definitely pick chocolate.

At this time, I’d like to credit one of my besties, Perry, who used to be the executive sous chef of San Francisco’s Slanted Door. I tagged along to his tasting invite at Mozza, and quickly became a fan of their menu. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to check this place out. It’s one of my top picks here in LA, but as always – this foodie is open to you proving me wrong with something newer, better and more delicious than Mozza Pizzeria. ;)


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