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Ojai – An Adventure


Posted by KatieSoo

One of my favorite films (aside from Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Fall’) is Frank Capra’s 1937 classic, ‘Lost Horizon‘. Nominated for 5 awards and winning 2 Oscars in 1938, it tells a story of one man’s accidental discovery of Shangri-La during the brewing of WWII. The screenplay was based on James Hilton’s 1933 novel and uses the beautiful Ojai as the backdrop for the film.

Ojai is one of my favorite little places to retreat into from life’s hustle and bustle. Just being in this tiny town can awaken the exhausted mind and remind us how satisfying simple things can be.

Meditation Mountain

Ojai is as stunning as any modern day Shangri-La should be. Everybody strolls, sits outside, and most markets and book stores run on an honor system. My favorite photography moment happened during my walk through the farmer’s market. While looking through fresh tomatoes, herbs, and fruits – I see a baby in a grocery box eating a carrot! Way too adorable not to share.  :)

Local Eats:

Boccali’s – a local winery that serves pastas and pizza. Has an outdoor patio and tiny indoor seating. Many locals congregate here. The food was average. We ordered garlic bread, shrimp pasta that was drowning in a basil garlic butter sauce, and wine. The highlight was probably the garlic bread. No joke.

Rainbow Bridge Market – a great organic, raw food market. You’ll find some of the healthiest snacks and veggies here. I bought 4 slices of raw vegan cheesecakes by Earth Cafe (I’m allergic to dairy, don’t judge!) and they were absolutely amazing. I also picked up lime sugar cookies made by the Dancing Deer Company which were just a fun treat, they tasted a bit like Fruit Loops. I’m not complaining. :)


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