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Shreve & Co Commercial: Pearls Are a Girl’s Best Friend


Posted by KatieSoo

Indeed they are.

I guess I never had a deep understanding of the value of a pearl till I shot a commercial for Shreve & Co. They draped me with all sorts of pretty baubles and danglies, ranging from Tahitian to Australian South Sea pearls, all boasting rich colors of bluish grey, black, and deep golds.

I’m not, by any means, a diamond or pearl type of gal. But these were most definitely some of the largest and most beautiful pearls I had ever laid eyes on.

After some careful pairing by the Shreve & Co team, I ended up with a pair of diamond pearl earrings, 2 bracelet strands, and two large pearl necklaces. In the process of testing pieces, they pulled out a beautiful 5-carat diamond ring that I put on to try. It was stunning! The only catch? The ring is about $127,000…how’s that for a good deal? ;)

We shot the whole commercial in and around Chinatown, and I got to work with an awesome crew from Kansas. Aside from being able to do something I love, I get to work with some of the coolest people from all around the world. I love my job!


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