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Polaroids: Instant Fashion Snapshots!


Posted by KatieSoo

I’m usually not a big fashion bug, but after toting my Polaroid camera around these past two weeks – I figured it was time to share a quick fashion snapshot. With this whole faux fur craze thing going on, I finally gave in and decided to add it to the wardrobe.

Sweater dress: Ambiance Apparel
Faux fur vest: Arden B.
Tights: Arden B.
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Hong Kong gift shop
Necklace: Handmade tourmaline necklace & fluorite pendant

Just because I have one leg in gimp-mode doesn’t mean I have to walk around moping about it! The best remedy is to dress up, look cute, overeat, and straight rock the limp…so I did. ;)


P.S. A big hug and thank you to brownie for all the goodies!

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