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Porsche Short Film


Posted by KatieSoo

Porsche, you sexy beast.

My dear friend, Alison Lee, was co-directing a Porsche project with Christian Lagera, and gave me a ring to come help on their shoot.

Apparently, they were selected as one of the top ten finalists of a short film competition sponsored by Porsche, and for the final round, they were going to borrow a car of their choice and shoot a 90 sec commercial.

of course I said yes!

We met up Sunday afternoon at a celeb’s house  (who I’m not allowed to name, sorry!) in Beverly Hills. I played the bridesmaid in a wedding scene, and shot it with the band ‘Ocelot Robot’. The band members filled in for all the other roles, and it was so much fun! Definitely check out the video and support us!!

To vote:
Film Title: “Race for Love
It’s under our director friend’s name, Christian Lagera. Just click on the ‘VOTE FOR THIS FILM‘ icon next to the video, enter your email address, and click VOTE icon.

You can vote 1 time per day, per email address, from Sept 12th 2011 to Sept 21th 2011. Spread the love and tell your family and friends, the more the merrier!!

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and please support us by voting. It’ll mean the world to all of us!!


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