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Ramen Diaries: Daikokuya in Downtown LA


Posted by KatieSoo

Nothing brings me greater joy than a hot, delicious bowl of ramen. I can almost still taste the ones I’ve had across Japan! Sadly, I’ve spent most of my time drooling over missing them until my discovery of Daikokuya a few years ago.

Not only is the place top ten on Yelp (so is my other fave – Ike’s Place – in SF!) but it’s also one of the few places that refuses to expand the size of their restaurant to accommodate the growing # of customers. It’s almost always guarantees a long wait time. My advice…expect to wait up to 2 hours, and don’t go there when you’re starving. And yes — it’s well worth the wait!

I usually get the kotteri flavor option to the broth, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s back fat. Oh yes. Globs of pork back fat, simmered into your delicious hot broth! It looks and tastes a lot better than it sounds, I promise! Plus, the broth isn’t too salty like other ramen places, so it definitely adds an almost creamy and rich taste to it.

Being the porker that I am, and knowing Daikokuya doesn’t allow to go orders, I sat down and ordered two bowls of ramen with a side of unagi over rice. I don’t mess around. If you eat with me, be prepared to go into a glutinous coma! Accompanied by super soft, melt-in-your-mouth chasu pork, bean sprouts, green onions and bamboo shoots…it’s hard to not eat the whole darn thing!

I also always order an extra egg on the side. Growing up, I’ve always been addicted to soft boiled eggs, but it’s always difficult to get it just right. Here, however, they get the flavor and the yolk to a perfect soft, slightly runny golden center. It’s just savory and delicious.

Needless to say, I went into one of the best food comas a person could ask for. The noodles are a perfect texture, chewy but not too soft AND I had leftovers.

What more could a girl ask for?

Never been? Time to get into that car and head on over to Daikokuya asap! Just don’t go hungry, or else you’ll end up getting suckered by the other not-so-good places nearby and miss out on all this ramen-goodness!



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