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Sunday Brunch: Doughboys on 3rd Online gokkast paypal Big Red Kangaroo Pokies


Posted by KatieSoo

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Brunch! Ah, just the seeing the word makes me happy. :)

It’s my favorite meal of the day/week, and I always make a point to try new spots in LA. We originally were hoping to try Churchill – this new joint – but when I heard the piercing screams from obnoxious dip-shits drinking at 11am, and the waitress batting her lashes at me, saying the wait was going to be an hour an a half minimum for a table…I was more than happy to move onto the next choice. In this case, it was Doughboys on 3rd – and what a great choice that was!





Let me start out by saying – I’m obsessed with eggs Benedict and it’s my go to order in almost every brunch place to start. These guys grill their homemade English muffins, top them with a thick slice of Canadian bacon, lay on two perfectly poached eggs, and then generously drizzle Doughboys’ homemade

Hollandaise sauce. I even took a video for you!

Next, we got ‘pineapple coconut macademia’ pancakes, it was definitely interesting to taste. It reminded me of those dessert pancakes I used to eat in Hong Kong. The macademia nuts were a nice touch, adding a bit of a crunch to the texture. One thing to keep in mind is to save this for the end of the meal, it’s a little sweeter than some would like for brunch.




On the table we also split a scrapple with dirty eggs. I love grits (when done right) so when I saw ‘pan fried grits mixed with shredded braised pork,’ we were ecstatic to try it. We couldn’t have been more mislead. Dana is a grits and cornbread fanatic like me, so when the blob of pork grits came out – I almost cried inside. We took two bites and moved on.



Last but not least, the breakfast burrito with a side of salsa and housemade guacamole. It looked and smelled delicious. Had to admit, looking at all the food on the table made me nervous. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. I, for one, enjoyed my eggs benedict with coffee – but noticed the coffee was a lot lighter than I would’ve liked. Keep the brew fresher guys!


All in all, Doughboys is worth a visit for brunch. Just remember, the wait can be scary, so get there early or call in for reservations! I have yet to find a great spot for grits in LA. Any suggestions for your fellow foodie? ;)


P.S. For those who are curious, I’m off my boot (because I’m stubborn) but still in recovery mode. Fun times!

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