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Sunday in San Francisco


Posted by KatieSoo


I love brunch. Not just because it’s the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch, but because it means I get to sleep in on Sunday, roll out of bed, and leisurely stroll to a delicious restaurant fully rested and relaxed.

I spent the last weekend in SF, and I’m pretty sure I may have found my new favorite brunch spot (aside from Mama’s in Northbeach) – Brenda’s.

“Well what’s so great about Brenda’s?” you ask.

Simply put, French soul food. Yes. French food with fried catfish and grits, alongside a delicate cup of rich espresso. What’s not to love?!

I ordered Eggs Benedict - two perfectly poached eggs drizzled in a creole hollandaise, atop beautifully fried catfish, all nestled over a homemade buttery cream biscuit. Holy shit.

We started with a flight of beignets: plain for the hardcore traditionalist; Granny Smith apples sweetened with cinnamon honey butter; molten Ghirardelli chocolate (wow); crawfish spiced with cayenne, scallions and cheddar.

The dark chocolate was our favorite, and the filling just oozed into perfection on our plates. Yum.

Since I moved to LA, I don’t get to be in SF too often, so, we decided to order a tiny bit more than our tummies could fit.

Go big or go home, and we were definitely going big.

Quickly taking a sip of our watermelon tea (made with fresh watermelon juice and lightly sweetened tea), we prepared ourselves for the next dish – sweet potato pancakes.

They came to our table drenched in a walnut caramel syrup. Overall, it was tasty, just a tad too sweet for my taste. Next came our entrees:

Grillades & Grits: Beef cutlets braised in a creole gravy, served with a rich and creamy side of grits made with organic yellow corn, two eggs over easy, and a hot creme biscuit – fresh from the oven.

Shrimp & Goat Cheese Omelette: Made with carmelized onions, and topped with a rich tomato-bacon relish.

By the time we had finished, I was in a place right between Paris and what I imagined New Orleans would be like.

I figured that the best way to end an amazing brunch adventure was to seal it all in with a cool glass of Belgium beer. My friend was grabbing beers at The Trappist in Oakland, so I meandered over there for a tasting.

I started with a Limoncello, which wasn’t bad, much more lemony and tart than I had hoped for. Luckily, I was introduced to Linden Street black lager, made locally at the Port of Oakland. It was sheer perfection – smooth, creamy, and supple. Can I even use supple to describe a beer? Oh well, I just did. Either way, I’m a fan of Guinness, so naturally this was delicious.

I wanted to bring home a bottle for mom, but apparently they only sell kegs. Doubt my mom would be into that.

I went to their website and realized they’re only on tap in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. Bummer. Guess I’ll have to wait until I’m back in town to taste the Burning Oak Black Lager again. If you’re in or around the area though, definitely try one – they’re yummy.

Till next time. :)


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