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Surprise Delivery From DeLuscious Cookies & Milk! Online Gokkasten Paypal Login


Posted by KatieSoo

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After a long week of immersing myself in the social world of blogging, gaming (nerd alert) and this thing called life…I was just thankful it was Friday. This week was filled with little goodies all along the way – thanks to the good old Valentine’s Day – but little did I know there was an even cooler surprise coming!

After two knocks on the door, a pretty white box with a brown bow was delivered. Thanks to the two amazing gift givers, I skipped around the house on one good leg (don’t laugh, the other is healing) excited like a little kid over the BIG box of cookies.

Not knowing where to start, or which to eat first, I attacked the chocolate oatmeal. Needless to say, it didn’t survive. Next was the decadent chocolate cookie, which was more like a stuffed fudge brownie sprinkled with powdered sugar. If this was war, I was definitely losing. Carbs prevailed once again! Ugh.

Hope you guys have a great weekend, and a special thanks to Samreen and Bo! You made our Friday sugary and fun. :)


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