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The Best Travel Diary!


Posted by KatieSoo

Every so often – I come across someone who takes their passion for travel, food and learning to a whole different level. Mereki, who posted these awesome clips on his Vimeo page yesterday, shares that the films were completed over the span of 44 days in 11 countries by three guys. Thank you, Rick Mereki, for sharing your adventures in a creative and well filmed piece!

If you guys recognize the face of the actor in the videos Move, Learn, and Eat – excellent work. He is Andrew Lees, the exact same one from the amazeballs show The Pacific. Rawr.

Check out the other two videos here, and be prepared to be taken on a journey that will inspire you to travel, eat, and learn!

Think this’ll go viral? Oh, I’m sure of it. ‘Move’ has close to 600k views already in just two days, what do you think it’ll be in a week?

Let’s watch and see. ;)


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