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The Future at Our Fingertips: ‘A Day Made of Glass’ – Presented By Corning Incorporated


Posted by KatieSoo

For some that are familiar, you may remember seeing Gorilla Glass 2 around January during CES 2012, but it’s the idea of utilizing a flexible and thin specialty glass to import, transfer, study, implement, store, capture and present data…enabling high-tech systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Wow.

The idea of stretchable glass being able to work as a computer monitor or television screen just seemed like a ‘novelty’ in the past, but with the progreesion of science and technology – and if paired with the right partners – it now looks like it’s a key component to digitizing the world.

From a recent PR statement released on February 28, 2012, Corning’s projected growth is as follows:

Telecommunications: Segment sales are expected to reach $3 billion by 2014
Environmental Technologies: expected to reach $1.4 billion in sales by 2014.
Specialty Materials: Gorilla Glass sales expected to grow “materially” through 2014
Life Sciences: Segment sales are forecasted to nearly double to $1 billion by 2014

The concepts presented in the video are a step in a direction our society will inevitably go towards. Though it’s dependent on when the development of technology will come to fruition – we cannot deny the fact that these products will help shape our future. Thanks to a phone request from Steve Jobs, the visionary himself, Apple is already a confirmed client. But will gorilla glass continue gaining more clients, or own as much of the tech market as they’re hoping for? Their projection seems strangely vague to be able to draw any conclusion, but at least one thing is clear:

Whether we like it or not, we’re watching ‘Minority Report‘ come to life….except this time – it’s real.

What’s something you want to digitize in your life?!


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