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The Hunger Games Review: Jennifer Lawrence is FLAWLESS


Posted by KatieSoo

Just got back from seeing The Hunger Games and it was – know that I don’t say this lightly – INCREDIBLE. Now, judging from my title, you must think I’m here to write a review…but please don’t think that. Having the pleasure of being a part of this industry for so many years has taught me to appreciate the art of film making, the difficulty of getting a great film made, and the humility to not judge a finished product. In this town, it’s never easy to get into production, especially one with a budget of $78 million. So, to the the team behind The Hunger Games – you guys are f____ing brilliant.

Brilliant not only because you – Robin Bissell (executive), Suzanne Collins (executive), Nina Jacobson, and Jon Kilik absolutely pulled it off, but even more genius that you managed to finagle Jennifer Lawrence to be your Katniss Everdeen. I think we may have found one of the best actresses of our generation, and I truly and sincerely hope to work with her one day soon. Her every move, the way her eyes so gracefully captures the emotion her character is going through, is beautiful. As an audience member, you never once feel that she is the victim. And without even knowing it, 2 hours and 30 mins go by with you rooting for her survival as she quietly, but STRONGLY, carries the weight of the film.
Jennifer Lawrence

The film takes on a much darker tone and there is a great deal of children killing…not exactly what I would’ve pictured for a ‘teen’ theme book. Then again, today’s youth absorb information at a such a rapid rate and to them – sadly – this violence will probably be considered “cool”. The other thing I appreciated was the camera work. It was almost ‘Bourne-esk’ and throws you right into the action like a chaser flick. Check out the teaser below:

Also, I’ll be honest – I teared up twice. Can’t say I ever did for Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings. Here is the synopsis copied borrowed from Wikipedia:

In District 12′s Reaping, Katniss’s 12-year old sister, Prim, is drawn as the female tribute. Aware that her sister lacks her survival skills, Katniss volunteers to take her place in the Games. The male tribute chosen from District 12, Peeta Mellark, is also Katniss’ age. Katniss is uncomfortable in Peeta’s presence due to her feelings of indebtedness to him, combined with the certain knowledge that for her to live, Peeta must die. The two tributes are taken for training and public exposure to the Capitol, where they are coached by Haymitch Abernathy, the only living winner from District 12 and a notorious alcoholic. They are also accompanied by Effie Trinket, the district’s liaison to the Capitol. As part of their strategy, Katniss and Peeta act as a team, which is unusual due to all tributes’ knowledge that in the end they must kill each other to survive.

For fans of the movie, hopefully you’ll love the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift as well. It’s making me want to own the soundtrack…and I can’t remember ever wanting that. Well, I did buy Tron’s. ;)



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