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The Power of Socialnomics


Posted by KatieSoo

Social media.

Those two words are like the golden cheese kibbles in a rat race every company is trying to win. What is social media, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon? If you don’t know those by now, it’s time you put down the telegraph transmitter and get with the program. If you do know….then consider yourself a tiny atom in the social shift taking place in the digital world. Watch this:

I took a 2 day course hosted by web strategist and social media expert, Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter. He offered amazing insight, analytics, and pragmatic solutions to the social business industry. Just because I work in social media doesn’t mean anything. It’s a constant learning process, and game just gets bigger everyday.

Today, Facebook announced their integration with Skype (technically Microsoft – they acquired it for $8.5 billion) for a full video calling & group chat feature. It’s only a matter of time before it hits our mobiles.

We’re living the 1998 of the dot com era for social media. Brace yourself world, the changes are just beginning.


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