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Tyler Shields Gallery Opening, Sat May 7th


Posted by KatieSoo


Last night was amazing. There is no better way to spend a Sat night, then to be surrounded by risqué and edgy art, as well as the swanky young Hollywood crowd.

Walking into the gallery – apparently provided to Tyler Shields by Banksy (shut the front door!) – , my eyes were immediately blinded by the paparazzi chasing celebs down the parking alley. I walked into a beautiful open gallery, facing a heart painting made with real blood. Yes, blood. There was a video next to it showing Tyler pour vial after vial of it till he covered the canvas with his creation. Edgy, risky, sexy. Rawr.

I turned the corner to look for my friends, and saw Lindsay Lohan autographing her photo in the back of the room. Next to her is some guy that looks like he walked straight out of COD Black Ops. Little much? Maybe, but not when you’re Lilo, I guess. Shane West (that sexy man) is having a conversation to my left, completely unaffected by the commotion.

Emma Roberts brushes past me, and I almost didn’t see her since she’s so much tinier (height and weight-wise) than I thought. Cast of Glee paraded through, with Jenna Ushkowitz looking fabulous. I exchanged a quick hello with Kevin McHale (who is super cool) and turned to see the gorgeous cast of Nikita. Lyndsy Fonseca is stunning – I can’t believe she’s from my hometown, Alameda! Badass. <3

Needless to say, it was a star studded night. Young Hollywood was definitely out and about. Zachary Quinto,  Carter Jenkins (who I actually recognized from that short-lived Sci-fi series “Surface”) and I absolutely fell in love with one of Tyler Shield’s pieces. It hung discreetly over the brick doorway, and the mystery and romance the photograph evoked in me was unlike anything I had felt for a picture.

Cool factors:

  • Artwork
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Unicorn tears dispenser (pic borrowed from Tyler Shields website)
  • Superman making out with Batman photograph
  • Pretty people


Non-cool factors

  • None.

After the event, I headed to Cana to meet a friend for drinks – except I couldn’t drink thanks to Day 12, 13 (I forget) of the Clean Program. That pretty much sums up my Saturday night. Just another day in Tinseltown. :)



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  • No mention or pics of me? :( lol

    • KatieSoo

      I will next time! :) Some people get upset when I mention them or put their pic up, but since you’re okay with it, I’ll plaster you all over my next blog! ;)

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