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Violet Hour: Speakeasy Bar in Chicago Online gokkasten paypal login Real Money Slot For Prize


Posted by KatieSoo

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Speakeasy bars are notorious for being ridiculously hard to get into, and they usually come with instructions that sound something like this:

“Yeah, the place is hidden so there’s no sign. Just walk through that butcher shop on 42nd st, behind the hidden door, up 4 steps, make a right through a monkey’s ass — and BOOM.  You’re there.”

Look, I get it.  These joints always have bartenders mixologists who take themselves too seriously, and yes — they do wear tight fancy vests, fedoras, and occasionally massage the overgrown mustache they have on their face — but you can’t eff with drink perfection.  If I’m paying $20 for a cocktail, you’re damn right I want to see them stir an ice cube for 5 mins.  The point is, the taste and ‘experience’ of the drink is imperative. You want to taste a sophisticated blend of exotic fruits, bitters and top shelf alcohol — not well vodka and a diet red bull so you can feel better about yourself.


If you’re looking for a place to catch up with old friends, go on a romantic date, or just a spot where you don’t have to shout to be heard… you should definitely try Chicago’s Violet Hour.  You’ll swoon the minute you walk in.


It’s an elusive white rabbit hole in the Wonderland of Wicker Park, Chicago. There’s no sign and no door that’s easily visible to the eye. But, if you look closely at the graffiti wall, you’ll notice that it’s more than just another wall of an abandoned building – it’s one of the more famous speakeasy bars in the windy city of Chicago.


The interior was designed by Thomas Schlesser, the same guy who designed Blackbird Restaurant in Chicago.  The inspiration for Violet Hour was drawn from early 19th century English Georgian and French Directory.  Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for the interior.  I can almost imagine myself sitting in a Parisian apt in the Plais Royal, and if I walked across the room — there would be a French balcony, opening up to a sprawling view of Notre Dame of the luscious green gardens of Tuileries.


The experience feels a little like slipping into a sleek candlelit version of Alice in Wonderland, but set in France.  As you pull back the heavy velvet curtains, the sprawling bar surrenders itself to high-back furniture pieces and mirrors behind the liquor cabinets,  adding an air of intimacy to the French Salon ambience.


It’s a great place to catch up friends and I spent my Violet Hour with the gorgeous Danae and pastry chef stud, Riley.  Don’t know who they are?  You should.  They’re the masterminds behind Prasino.  Seriously.

Their Juliet & Romeo (ladies first, of course) is by far one of my favorites.  It has beefeater, mint, cucumber and rose water.  And it tastes just as delicious as it sounds.  Just check out the pics.  Ah. Mazing.


Things to note:

1. Rules:  This place has rules… no cell phones is one of them.  Deal with it.

2. Dress Code:  Boys, be sure to wear a jacket.  It’s a classy joint and your date will appreciate it.

3. Drink Menu:  Their drink menu is ranked by “daringness” in each liquor category.  They range between $12-$15, and for what you get — it’s well worth it.  Definitely try Juliet & Romeo (a personal fave) & Pimms Cup.  If it’s a cold winter night in Chi-town, be sure to get their Cold & Delicious.  It’s a bit like Christmas in a cup, topped with a slice of grandma’s delicious cinnamon apple pie.

4.  Tip:  If you’re looking to get sloshed with your frat buds, grab a 40 and go to Burger King.  This is not the place for you.


Lastly, let me end this post by saying that I realize NYC, SF and LA are littered with places like this — and that we’re spoiled.  Despite that, there’s still something about this quaint little speakeasy bar in the middle of Wicker Park that has me pining to go back there.  Maybe it’s the Parisian ambience?  An episode of Boardwalk Empire?  Or maybe Mike put it best from the movie, Swingers:

“For some reason the cool bars in Hollywood have to be hard to find and have no sign. It’s kind a like a speak easy kind a thing. It’s kind a cool it’s like you’re in on some kind a secret, you know. You tell a chick you been some place it’s like bragging you know how to find it.” – Mike

You’ll just have to try it yourself and tell me if I’m wrong.  ;)


P.S. Their exterior is a rotating art gallery, and you never know what new artwork will be covering the door next.  Here are some renditions that have happened in the past (courtesy of their respective owners & Google images):



Violet Hour







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